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One of the most challenging parts of swimming is the catch, which is the beginning of the pull-through. It combines mobility with power and timing. Swimmers of all levels believe that keeping your elbow high during the catch is ... read on »

Breaststroke might not seem challenging as a stroke, but in professional swimming it is the most technical stroke of all. It’s extremely elegant to watch. Power is balanced with timing and coordination, while gliding through the water in the most s... read on »

The only necessary pieces of equipment for swimming are a swimsuit, a cap and a goggle. If you have any intention to improve your swimming however, some extra tools will definitely come in handy. Looking to improve your technique or to build some strengt... read on »

Many swimmers like to only breathe to their favorite side. They do not breathe to both sides simply because it doesn’t feel natural. Yet, refusing to breathe bilaterally (to both sides) isn’t the solution. Bilateral breathing has too many ben... read on »

The summer is calling on us. While we have been cozy and indulged a bit too much, it’s time to get back into shape. With the rise of the temperatures and plenty of activities being outdoors, making some changes to your diet and fitness is a ne... read on »

Getting older doesn’t have to mean the end of swimming or triathlon. Keeping our dreams alive as we get older is key to continued performance. Swimming maturity brings experience, dedication and ingenuity. Let’s inspire you with some of the m... read on »

Below you can find our selection of dryland workouts, all tailored to improving your swimming. To get you stronger, more flexible and improve your core strength, all in order to help you become a faster swimmer. Give them a try and discover the impact st... read on »

Have you ever noticed those swimmers that just seem to drive every stroke with so much power, causing them to glide through the water. As you might already know, in swimming the propulsion comes mostly from your pull. However the propulsion could be... read on »


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