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The 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo has started and Olympic week is upon us. Once every four years, we get the chance to watch the best athletes from all over the world compete. The Olympic Games of the past are full of breathtaking and unforgettable mo... read on »

When you think endurance training, you think lengthly distances of non stop swimming. That shouldn’t be the case. Endurance trainings is made up of intervals with plenty of variation. It teaches you how to pace and to keep your technique, while mak... read on »

Do you want to improve your swimming technique in just one day? Now is your chance! Saturday, June 26th, a brand-new Training Day is on the program. Have your technique analysed on video by our top coaches, learn everything about the fre... read on »

What are the defining moments in your swimming? Learning a new stroke, swimming 100m under a minute or swimming across a lake. These milestones have pushed you forward and changed you into the swimmer you are. Like... read on »

The summer is calling on us. While we have been cozy and indulged a bit too much, it’s time to get back into shape. With the rise of the temperatures and plenty of activities being outdoors, making some changes to your diet and fitness is a ne... read on »

One of the most challenging parts of swimming is the catch, which is the beginning of the pull-through. It combines mobility with power and timing. Swimmers of all levels believe that keeping your elbow high during the catch is ... read on »


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