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One of the most challenging parts of swimming is the catch and beginning of the pull-through. It combines mobility with power and timing. This holds true for all strokes, but today the focus is only on the freestyle catch. Many... read on »

If you're looking for a wallpaper for on your phone or on your laptop screen, we have got you covered.

Just click on the wallpaper you fancy and voila, you can download it right away!

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Many swimmers like to only breathe to their favorite side. They do not breathe to both sides simply because it doesn’t feel natural. Yet, refusing to breathe bilaterally (to both sides) isn’t the solution. Bilateral breathing has too many ben... read on »

It has been 4 years since SwimGym opened its swimming pool in Amsterdam. Since then, SwimGym has grown rapidly as a swimming brand and community, both offline and online. We have asked Johan Kenkhuis, the founder of SwimGym and a former olympic ... read on »

Swimming by yourself can raise an important question – how do I improve my swimming? Without a coach, there is nobody there to comment on your technique or to give you feedback and tips on how to improve. But that’s all in the past with the <... read on »

We've developed a new type of water. We’ve added helium particles to the water which increases the buoyancy of the water. The helium in the water therefor gives the swimmer a bit of a lift, which increases the body position of the swimmer.... read on »


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