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SwimGym is the preferred training partner for swimmers and triathletes worldwide. We help you improve your technique, build your fitness and achieve your goals. An unrivalled experience that references “Train like a Pro” wherever you are. 

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All our coaches have competed at a professional level, either as a swimmer, triathlete or coach. They have many years of experience and knowledge at their disposal. Founder Johan Kenkhuis is an Olympic swimming medaillist.

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Our training and coaching methods are based on professional swimming and triathlon, made accessible for all levels. Swimming is a technical and physical sport, which makes it the best workout there is. At SwimGym we combine technique and conditioning in every workout for fast results.

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for all levels SWIMMERS &

Every day we put together challenging workouts called “Swim of the Day” (SWOD), including a technique video, conditioning set and coach tips. Amongst others, through the SwimGym Analyser we provide you with personalised video feedback to improve your swimming.

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Our ambition is to improve the swimming of every swimmer or triathlete worldwide, regardless of their experience and initial fitness level. With our unique combination of technique and conditioning training, we make swimming both more challenging and more enjoyable. Train wherever you are.

Johan Kenkhuis
Founder SwimGym


SwimGym.com is your online coach, from novice to pro’s. Daily new swimming practices, skills & drills instruction videos and swimming & triathlon training plans and personal video feedback with SwimGym Analyser. SwimGym is where you are.


SwimGym provides the first training pool of its kind where swimmers and triathletes can train under professional supervision. Train at any time of the day, seven days a week.


SwimGym organises Training Days, clinics and masterclasses for club teams, professional organisations and corporate events. 


We organise workshops about swimming, an inspirational speaker or an Olympic experience for your team. For coaches and clubs we offer education programs and consulting.

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  • Daily new swimming workouts
  • Step-by-step video technique courses
  • High quality technique instruction videos
  • Workout collections to achieve your goals
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