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testimonial - David Holscher

Improved my technique significantly

Specifically through the coach tips and video skills and drills, I have improved my technique significantly and enjoy a much smoother glide. The training sets provide a great opportunity to bring the improvement in skill directly into action. Plain old great!

David Holscher

Advanced swimmer
testimonial - Mirte Forrer


The technical drills provided by SwimGym are focused on improving my swimming. It has helped me get better with not only freestyle, but also backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The drills are most enjoyable. Learning different skills makes it easy to apply these in my swimming. 

Mirte Forrer

Intermediate swimmer

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Wondering how to improve your swimming? Upload your video recordings and let a professional coach analyse your technique. This includes a personalised video feedback, coach tips and suggested video drills. 

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