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When watching top swimmers perform at the highest level, do you ever ask yourself how they get that typical swimmers body? A muscular but lean build, with broad shoulders, defined lats, abs and triceps. A swimmers build can be acquired with dedicated tra... read on »

Are you up for a challenge? Join us with some of our SwimGym coaches, and SwimGym members from our Amsterdam pool, and complete the Sally squat challenge!

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You invest a lot of time, money and effort in improving your swimming, but if you are not including video analysis in your swimming routine, that investment could be for nothing. Analysing your stroke through video is the fastest way to improve your stro... read on »

Do you want to improve your swimming technique in just one day? Now is your chance! Saturday, November 21st, a brand-new Training Day is on the program. Have your technique analysed on video by our top coaches, learn everything about the... read on »

Swimming uses almost all the muscles in your body, burns way more calories than running and cycling, and as a cherry on top; you can’t breathe freely! These are just a couple examples of why swimming is so challenging. But there is a bright side: i... read on »


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