swimming video course Breathing

In this course we focus on the freestyle breathing technique. The goal is to make you feel much more relaxed when swimming freestyle. We will work on things like exhalation, the head position and bilateral breathing. 


4 weeks | 8 workouts
Swimming levels
novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro
Equipment used
Fins, snorkel, kickboard

In this course we focus on the breathing technique. Breathing can be very challenging for swimmers who are learning to swim freestyle. However, for more advanced swimmers breathing is also a part of the stroke that can be improved. The goal of this course is to make you feel much more relaxed when swimming freestyle. We will work on things like exhalation, the head position and bilateral breathing. 

What to expect?

This course is 4 weeks with a total of 8 workouts, 2 each week. We will focus on the freestyle breathing by using specific drills to improve this. We will work on staying relaxed, body rotation, body position and the timing. 

How does it work?

Each week you follow 2 instruction videos with technique exercises that will help you improve your breathing technique while swimming freestyle. In the first week we focus on staying relaxed in the water. Especially during the freestyle your face is mostly in the water, and it is key to stay relaxed. In the second and third week we combine this with breathing to the side. You need to keep your body high and horizontal in the water, while also rotating, to breathe easily. In the fourth and final week we focus on the timing of the breath. Your timing of the breath is important during your freestyle to make sure you have enough time to get enough air. 

After watching an instruction video you can practice this exercise in a pool near you. When you have completed the exercise you can finish your swim with a body conditioning workout that is included in every step. This way you improve your technique, endurance and strength all in one workout. 

Training Equipment: We advise you to use the following training equipment: a kick board and pull buoy (both floating devices), a snorkel and fins. 



testimonial - Koen Spee


I started with SwimGym coaching as a complete novice. To be honest, I barely floated. Within weeks my skills improved and within months I made my way into the mid-level and ultimately to the pro’s. The perfect combination of technique training and a total body workout.

Koen Spee

Novice swimmer
testimonial - Shashi Kejriwal


I started with SwimGym training courses after I got my swimming diploma, so I was a real novice. In a year and a half, I have advanced to the mid-level, completed a 1500m open water race and realised my dream of learning how to kitesurf, all thanks to the swimming foundation laid by SwimGym.

Shashi Kejriwal

Intermediate swimmer

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