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We've developed a new type of water. We’ve added helium particles to the water which increases the buoyancy of the water. The helium in the water therefor gives the swimmer a bit of a lift, which increases the body position of the swimmer.... read on »

Whether that’s swimming among sea turtles, biking through lava fields, or running up beautiful mountains there is no other sport that can bring you the experiences, adventures and sceneries that triathlon can bring you. Many races have emerged... read on »

The single arm freestyle is used to isolate one arm to really focus on specific elements of your stroke, from the recovery and the catch to the pull-through and push out. It allows you to slow down and take it step by step.

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First of all - we wish you a happy new year! May the future be healthy and full of swimming. On that note, we have been dreaming about the (crazy) future of swimming. We are getting way ahead of ourselves, and you, in this blog. What might the future loo... read on »

Are you up for a challenge? Join us with some of our SwimGym coaches, and SwimGym members from our Amsterdam pool, and complete the Sally squat challenge!

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You invest a lot of time, money and effort in improving your swimming, but if you are not including video analysis in your swimming routine, that investment could be for nothing. Analysing your stroke through video is the fastest way to improve your stro... read on »


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