Swimming blog - TRAINING and freestyle Single Arm Freestyle drill

The single arm freestyle is used to isolate one arm to really focus on specific elements of your stroke, from the recovery and the catch to the pull-through and push out. It allows you to slow down and take it step by step.

How to do it 
- Swim freestyle with one arm, while the other arm is stretched out in front of you
- Make efficient strokes with one arm, focussing on the catch, pull-through and recovery
- Use a strong kick after every stroke, don’t rush this drill by making strokes too fast

Focus points 
- Take it easy – this drill is not about speed or fast repetitions
- Maintain body position with a strong kick
- Engage your core with every stroke for more efficiency

Coach tip
Focus on a perfect execution rather then tempo or speed. Only then you can practice all the elements of your pull. You will notice that the more you practice, the easier your freestyle will feel. 


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