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A pull buoy is a great tool and can be found in almost every swimming pool around the world, and a lot of swimmers swear by them. Ever wonder why you speed up when you swim with a pull buoy and overtake faster swimmers? Why does it feel like you are glid... read on »

As a two-time Olympic medal winner and founder of SwimGym, my love and passion for swimming is limitless. Since this would have been the week of swimming at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I want to share some of my favourite Olympic moments that have inspired ... read on »

Are you an early bird or more of a night owl when it comes to swimming? We asked around 100 swimmers what their preference was. We will describe the results with some of the pro’s and con’s. Is there a prefect moment in a day to swi... read on »

You have probably seen them laying around on the pool deck in all different colors and sizes. Hand paddles! Swimming with paddles will strengthen your upper body, especially your back muscles, shoulder muscles and triceps. You can also use paddles to imp... read on »


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