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Are you an early bird or more of a night owl when it comes to swimming? We asked around 100 swimmers what their preference was, and we detail the results with some of the pro’s and con’s. Is there a prefect moment in a day to swim? Let's ... read on »

You have probably seen them laying around on the pool deck in all different colors and sizes. Hand paddles! Swimming with paddles will strengthen your upper body, especially your back muscles, shoulder muscles and triceps. You can also use paddles to imp... read on »

After a period off detraining it can feel daunting to get back into the pool. You’ll feel a little bit nervous and rusty. Please don’t be discouraged, with the right tools it is an extremely enjoyable process. Just follow these top tips to ge... read on »

Rare are the young swimmers who are as good as anybody in the world before they are old enough to have any right to be so. How can they be so good and so young, we ask? They stand out among their peers, flash brilliance and show us that age, really is, j... read on »

Core exercises are your daily bread and butter and the indoor life is starting to mould you into the biggest baddest dryland king/queen ever. So, what’s next? Maybe it’s time to learn the yogic headstand or do the Ironman distance at home lik... read on »


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