Posture, line and balance are important components of your body positioning. Posture is all about swimming proud, staying tall with a long neck and keeping your chest open and your shoulder blades pulled towards each other. 

Line is about lying as horizontal as possible in the water to minimise your resistance in the water. 

Balance refers to the balance between your head position, your body line and using your legs while being able to stay stable enough to move forward. It is really a fight between our buoyancy in the water and gravity. 

Because our body position is not fixed on the ground, like during most other sports, swimming is literally a balancing act where every movement has an effect on your posture, line and balance. This of course directly influences your speed and direction in the water. 

Core exercises are a great way to create more core stability which definitely help your overall body position in the water.  

Every day is a swim day - so let’s get to it. 


Since water is around 800 times denser than air, your body position should be as high and horizontal as possible in the water to reduce your resistance. Some most asked questions are why our bodies or legs sink in the water? How can you improve your body... read on »