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“How do I stop my legs from sinking in freestyle?” Swimmers all around the world are asking themselves this same question time and again. Are you frustrated by not having the answer? We got you. Kick more, exhale and don’t lift your head. That’s the short of i...

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Skills & drills Sidekick

This drill teaches you how to streamline and balance your body, and helps you with your breathing. During the sidekick you are kicking with one arm in front, one arm by your side, while rotated. It is the perfect drill to perfect your body rotation during swimming. Use fins if needed.

How to do it 

  • Start on your stomach with one arm stretched out in front of you, the other arm along your body

  • Kick with a steady pace

  • Now slowly turn to the side, but keep looking down towards the bottom of the pool

  • At this point one shoulder is lifted out of the water. Your hips and legs are also turned to the side

  • Gently turn your head sideways to breath. Make sure you breathe out underwater

Focus points 

  • Starting position: 1 arm in front, 1 arm next to body

  • Kick steady and face down towards the bottom of the pool

  • Breathe in by turning your head sideways (do not lift)

  • Keep your core tight and your feet up

Coach tip

Alternate the side kick with swimming freestyle. Your arm recovery and breathing should feel much easier.




Even when you swim on an easy pace, breathe in 'quickly' to minimise interruption of your stroke flow. When breathing every 4th of 5th stroke, hold your breath for a second before starting to exhale under water. You want to keep at least half your air inside your lungs.

More coach tips?

coach tips
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One of the great myths in swimming is that we need to hold our breath while swimming. The other is that we should blow all our air out. In this blog we will explain why both is disadvantageous and how to breathe in the various strokes and stay as cool as a cucumber while doing so. 

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