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It’s not easy you know. Knowing what breathing pattern to employ when swimming. Breathing while swimming is hard enough as it is. Breathing to one side may be the only way you know. You get scared or anxious thinking about being asked to breathe to the “other” side. The inter...

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Skills & drills Flipturn: Swim & Roll

This drill helps you practice swimming towards the wall and making a flipturn. However, you do this without the wall yet to practice turning small and with speed. 


How to do it

  • Push off the wall and make a few freestyle strokes

  • After the last stroke before the flip, both arms should be by your hips

  • Now put your chin on your chest and bow down from the waist line

  • Tuck your knees into your chest and flip small and fast

Focus points

  • Make a strong last stroke before flipping to gain extra speed

  • Finish your stroke completely before putting your chin on you chest

  • Keep both hands at your hips, your hands should not support your roll

  • Flip small and fast

Coach tip 

Practice makes perfect, once your have mastered a flip after making a few strokes, you are ready for the next step of our flipturn progression, which is flipping against the wall. 




If you're running out of air after a flip turn, you are probably exhaling too much during the flip. Exhale just a little though the nose to prevent water coming up your nose, but hold most of breath until the first stroke. Breathe a little extra after each flipturn and swim slowly.

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