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Swimming brings many of us so much joy. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you're doing an endurance session, a technical workout or an interval training, the f...

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Skills & drills Fist Freestyle

Fist freestyle will increase your ‘water feeling’ which will make you more efficient. Make a fist with your hands and eliminate the hand as your paddle. By doing this, you lose the pressure of the water on the palm of your hand and makes you search for other ways to create propulsion - like with your forearms.

How to do it 

  • Swim freestyle and make a balled fist with your hands

  • Emphasize that high elbow position in your catch

  • And use your forearm to create propulsion

Focus points 

  • Hold a high elbow during the catch phase - bend your elbow slightly and point your fist down before pulling through

  • Make sure your elbow ALWAYS stays higher than your hand during the pull-through

  • And remember to keep tension on your wrists in order to create propulsion

Coach tip

Start the fist freestyle and open your hands halfway the lap. You will feel an increased pressure on your hands and forearms once you do this. This means you are increasing your water awareness, which will make you more efficient in the water. 




For many swimmers, swimming with a pull buoy feels easier than swimming without one. Your legs are higher in the water which results in less drag. However, make sure to point your toes, pull in your belly button and rotate well to keep a straight body line. Accelerate towards your push-out, and don't forget to enjoy it ;-)

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You might have heard that pro swimmers have a good ‘feel for the water’. What does that mean? How does water feel? Well wet, of course, but that is not what they are talking about. In this blog we will try to explain what that means and show you how to improve your feel for the water with some easy tips and exercises.

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