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This might be the most important thing you read this week. You wonder why your shoulder hurts or you’re not as fast as the others in your lane. You chalk it up to a lack of fitness or flexibility, when in fact it could be just one thing: the catch.

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Skills & drills Hinge & Pull

This drill will help you isolate the catch, pull-through and push. The hinge and pull is a follow-up drill from the basic hinge drill. You start with moving your hand and forearm into the catch position, followed by a slight pause, and accelerate strongly to the push. One arm at a time. 

How to do it 

  • Start performing the hinge drill, both hands stretched out, and at shoulder width

  • Bend your elbow to achieve the high elbow catch

  • Slight pause and then pull-through powerfully without losing the pressure on the water 

  • Bring your arm underwater back to the front and repeat with the other arm

  • Breathe easily through your snorkel

  • Maintain a constant kick

Focus points 

  • Position the catch first: High elbow – fingertips pointing down, elbow in 90-degree angle

  • Engage your core when pulling through

  • Control every move – do not rush this drill

Coach tip

Through the hinge and pull drill you will isolate the high elbow and pull-through. You can practice how this feels in the water. The goal is to maximise the power in your stroke.


pull buoy, snorkel


The hinge & pull drill needs to be executed correctly in order to have effect. Alternate the drill with the Front Scull for better feel for the water. During the set, try to maintain your technique while speeding up, which extra focus for the catch and push out.

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