Warm up
1-2 rounds: 200 choice + 100 pull + 2 x 50 backstroke kick in streamline position.
Skills & drills Single Leg Flutter Kick

This drill will help improve the propulsion of your kick and will improve your strength and technique at the same time. Swim freestyle kick using a kickboard but add a kick sequence. 5 kicks with just one leg, then kick 5 times with the other leg, and so forth. 

How to do it 

  • Use a kickboard and kick 5 times with just one leg while keeping the other leg still by stretching it

  • Drive the kick from your hip and bend the knee slightly, creating propulsion with your foot

  • Alternate legs and maintain a steady rhythm, use fins if your kick needs some more practice

Focus points 

  • Relax your knees, feet and ankles as much as possible while kicking, but keep your legs stretched as much as possible

  • Make sure to relax your breathing while performing this drill, it helps you relax your legs when kicking

  • Push your glutes to the surface as much as possible by engaging your core, do not hang in your shoulders

Coach tip

This drill also increases your ankle flexibility, which allows you to kick easier. Try to keep your kick constant during your freestyle, without using strength. You will notice that your freestyle becomes more balanced because your kick supports your stroke.


fins, kick board
Coach tips


The freestyle flutter-kick needs to be trained seperately to make it stronger and more efficient. Initiate the kick from the hips, but stretch your legs as much as possible without locking your knees. Kick with a steady rhythm and break the waterline with your heels (creating a little splash)

More coach tips?

coach tips
Main set 2 ROUNDS distance: 1200
stroke pace rest
4 x 100M Freestyle-pull Easy 30s
2 x 50M Freestyle-kick Steady 30s
point the toes, relax the ankles
1 x 100M Choice Recovery s
preferably no freestyle
rest after round: 60s

Instructions Round 1: breathe every 3rd stroke. Round 2: breathe every 4th stroke.

Equipment Pull buoy and kick board