Warm up
2-4 rounds: 100 freestyle + 50 backstroke + 50 breaststroke
Skills & drills Backstroke Body Roll

The backstroke body roll helps you with your rotation in backstroke. Flutterkick on your back with your arms by your side. Rotate your hips and shoulders from side to side along your vertical axis without moving your head. Use fins for this drill to keep up your speed.

How to do it 

  • Kick on your back with both arms by your side, maintain a steady pace

  • Slowly rotate your whole body driving one shoulder and hip down and one shoulder and hip out of the water

  • Rotate back to a neutral position and repeat on the other side

  • While rotating, keep your head in a stable position looking straight up. Only the body is rotating, not your head

Focus points 

  • When rotating to the side, your hips and even your feet rotate too.

  • Lift your chin slightly, this helps you to keep your head stable and your body line high

  • Always engage your core when rotating, this will keep you balanced and streamlined

Coach tip

Even though you need a strong kick and lots of body control while performing this drill, search for ways to relax your neck and shoulders at the same time to rotate easier. Alternate this drill with swimming backstroke with an exaggerated body rotation.


Coach tips


This SWOD focusses on body rotation in backstroke. Watch the drill video and make sure to achieve that horizontal body position first before starting the rotate. Keep your chin lifted and use a steady kick by using fins. Breathe out through your nose to prevent water coming in your nose.

More coach tips?

coach tips
Main set 1 ROUND distance: 1200
stroke pace rest
4 x 50M Backstroke Easy 20s
as: 25 Backstroke Body Roll + 25 backstroke.
2 x 200M Freestyle Negative split 30s
100 easy pace + 100 steady pace
4 x 50M Backstroke Easy 20s
as: 25 Backstroke Body Roll + 25 backstroke.
4 x 100M Freestyle Negative split 30s
50 easy pace + 50 hard pace
rest after round: 0s

Instructions Use fins for the Backstroke Body Roll.

Equipment Fins