Warm up
10 minutes as: 100 freestyle + 100 pull
Skills & drills Fist Freestyle

Fist freestyle will increase your ‘water feeling’ which will make you more efficient. Make a fist with your hands and eliminate the hand as your paddle. By doing this, you lose the pressure of the water on the palm of your hand and makes you search for other ways to create propulsion - like with your forearms.

How to do it 

  • Swim freestyle and make a balled fist with your hands

  • Emphasize that high elbow position in your catch

  • And use your forearm to create propulsion

Focus points 

  • Hold a high elbow during the catch phase - bend your elbow slightly and point your fist down before pulling through

  • Make sure your elbow ALWAYS stays higher than your hand during the pull-through

  • And remember to keep tension on your wrists in order to create propulsion

Coach tip

Start the fist freestyle and open your hands halfway the lap. You will feel an increased pressure on your hands and forearms once you do this. This means you are increasing your water awareness, which will make you more efficient in the water. 


Coach tips


Swimming freestyle-pull with paddles makes you aware how you pull-through under water. It also improves your arm strength. However, this is only the case if you maintain proper technique and stroke length. Smooth hand entry, a good catch, followed by a strong pull through. So focus on that during the main set when using paddles.

More coach tips?

coach tips
Pre set 1 ROUND distance: 600
stroke pace rest
8 x 50M Drill Easy 20s
25 Fist Freestyle + 25 normal Freestyle
4 x 50M Freestyle Descending 20s
per 2x 50 from easy to hard pace
rest after round: 30s

Instructions Fist Freestyle Don't forget to kick when you are increasing your speed. Optional: use fins to warm up even more.

Equipment Fins

Main set 3 ROUNDS distance: 900
stroke pace rest
4 x 50M Freestyle-pull Steady 30s
engage core for more power output
1 x 100M Choice Recovery 20s
rest after round: 60s

Instructions Swim without paddles if you can't maintain long strokes on steady pace.

Equipment Paddles and pull buoy