Warm up
see pre-set
Skills & drills Front Scull

By doing this drill you will increase your feel for the water during the catch phase of your pull through and make your stroke more efficient. To start the front scull, lay face down in the water with both arms in front of you. Point your finger tips slightly down and move your hands in and out by bending your elbows. 

How to do it 

  • Start on your stomach with both arms shoulder width in front of you, facing down 

  • Move you’re your hands in and out by only bending the elbow, not your upper arms

  • Palms go out and in, catching the water continuously and creating propulsion 

  • Using a steady tempo, you will feel pressure on your palms and forearms 

Focus points

  • Point your finger tips downwards slightly while sculling. This makes you go forward

  • Keep your shoulders and upper arms completely still, only bend from the elbow

  • Keep your wrists stretched, hands open and fingers together

  • Maintain body position by facing down towards the bottom of the pool

  • Don’t move too slow – keep up a good pace 

Coach tip 

Take time to practice sculling drills, find a way to increase tempo without losing the elbow bend and relaxed body position. When repeating this drill several times, you will notice an increased feel for the water and be more aware of your catch. Your freestyle will become more efficient and you will eventually swim faster.



pull buoy, snorkel
Coach tips


You would say that the higher your stroke rate, the faster you go. But it's not that simple. The trick is to maintain your stroke length when speeding up. Increasing your stroke rate while maintaining your stroke length, means faster swimming. Maintain your stroke length by focussing on your push out. Hold onto your technique, even when it gets tough.

More coach tips?

coach tips
Pre set 1 ROUND distance: 900
stroke pace rest
1 x 300M Choice Easy 20s
4 x 50M Drill Easy 20s
25 Front Scull + 25 freestyle-pull
4 x 50M Drill Easy 20s
25 Mid Scull + 25 freestyle-pull
4 x 50M Drill Easy 20s
25 Fist Freestyle (see instruction) + 25 freestyle
rest after round: 0s

Instructions Swimming with fists allows you to get into the high elbow catch. By reducing the surface area of your hand, you’re forced to pull the water more efficiently with your entire arm.

Equipment Snorkel and pull buoy

Main set 3 ROUNDS distance: 900
stroke pace rest
1 x 150M Freestyle-pull Easy 30s
1 x 100M Freestyle-pull Steady 30s
1 x 50M Freestyle-pull Hard 30s
rest after round: 60s

Instructions 1st round = swim, 2nd round = pull, 3rd round = swim.

Equipment Pull buoy