Warm up
10 minutes as: 100 freestyle + 50 choice (but no freestyle)
Skills & drills Breaststroke Flutter Kick

By doing this drill you will develop faster hands up front, which will increase the efficiency of your pull. In this drill you swim the breaststroke pull with a freestyle flutter kick. It helps you connect the body with the forward movement of the hands. While bringing the arms forward the body needs to follow the hands as much as possible.  

How to do it 

  • Swim regular breaststroke but instead of a breaststroke kick, use the freestyle flutter kick

  • Drive your pull quickly and controlled, using quite a bit of power to lift yourself out of the water

  • During the recovery, dive right after your hands into a streamline to make sure your body is high and horizontal in the water 

Focus points 

  • Keep a constant, strong kick while performing this drill

  • Make your pull strong and compact, keeping your hands in front of your chest at all times

  • Accelerate the speed of the hands during the arm recovery and fall back into a streamline

  • Breathe out under water during every streamline

Coach tip

Alternate this drill with swimming regular breaststroke. This drill emphasizes the pull and allows you to keep the head and hands high during the recovery of the arms. Just keep kicking! 


Coach tips


This SWOD is a great mix of easy freestyle swimming with breaststroke intervals. Breaststroke adds strength to your pull and especially improves your freestyle catch. Keep your breaststroke arm pull compact, your hands stay in front of your chest while you lift your chest out of the water.

More coach tips?

coach tips
Main set 3 ROUNDS distance: 1200
stroke pace rest
3 x 100M Freestyle Easy 30s
1 x 100M Breaststroke Easy 30s
with minimal amount of strokes
rest after round: 60s

Instructions Option: round 3 with fins and breaststroke with flutter kick.

Equipment Fins