Warm up
see pre-set
Skills & drills Mid Scull

Sculling increases the feel for water during the pull-through. It requires a lot of practice, but it is a key drill to let you feel the water while swimming. For the mid scull you move your forearms in and out while keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders. 

How to do it 

  • Start on your stomach, facing down

  • Your upper arms and elbows are in line with your shoulders, forming the letter T

  • Move your forearms by bending your elbows, pushing water in AND out with your palms

  • Move in a steady pace to create propulsion and go forward slowly

  • Lift up your head to breath if you are not using a snorkel

Focus points 

  • Keep your upper arms still while moving your forearms ONLY from your elbows in a 90-degree angle

  • Keep your elbows in front of your shoulders, just below the surface and point your fingertips straight towards the bottom of the pool

  • Maintain a straight body position in the water, relaxing the shoulders

  • Don’t move too slow, keep a steady pace in order to create propulsion

  • Use a pullbuoy or your kick to keep your feet up

Coach tip

When practicing sculling, remember that it is never about speed. It’s all about feeling the water and creating propulsion. Alternate sculling with swimming freestyle pull. After doing this drill more often, you should be able to feel the water better and have a better propulsion in your freestyle pull.


snorkel, pull buoy
Coach tips


Isolating your pull and kick makes focussing on your technique easier while strengthening your muscles at the same time. When using a pull buoy, make sure to engage your core with every pull and point your toes to stay streamlined. Breathing bilaterally is easier when swimming freestyle-pull, try it!

More coach tips?

coach tips
Pre set 1 ROUND distance: 700
stroke pace rest
1 x 200M Choice Easy 20s
warm-up (mix strokes)
1 x 100M Freestyle-pull Easy 20s
1 x 100M Freestyle-kick Easy 20s
6 x 50M Drill Easy 10s
25 drill: Mid Scull + 25 freestyle-pull (see video)
rest after round: 0s

Instructions If you don't have a snorkel, breathe forward while performing the Mid Scull.

Equipment Pull buoy, kick board, and snorkel

Main set 2 ROUNDS distance: 1800
stroke pace rest
2 x 200M Freestyle Easy 40s
3 x 100M Freestyle-pull Build-up 30s
build up from easy to steady pace
4 x 50M Freestyle-kick Steady 30s
odd 50's: steady / even 50's: easy
rest after round: 60s

Instructions Round 2: use paddles in the freestyle-pull

Equipment Pull buoy and kick board