Warm up
See pre-set.
Skills & drills Body Roll

The body roll will help you control your breathing and body rotation. The body roll is performed with both arms by your side while rotating slowly from side to side. By using a snorkel and fins, this drill allows you to focus on controlling your body rotation while keeping a good streamline.

How to do it 

  • Kick with both arms by your side, with your head in a neutral position, facing down

  • Now slowly rotate to one side, lifting one shoulder out of the water

  • Rotate back to neutral position

  • Repeat the same movement on the other side.

  • Make sure your hips and feet also turn to the side

Focus points 

  • During the roll, keep your head in a neutral position, facing down

  • Engage your core to control your movements

  • Maintain a constant kick to stay high in the water

Coach tip

Combine this drill with swimming freestyle with a snorkel. Focus only on body rotation and head position. By mastering this drill you will notice that your breathing becomes easier and your recovery a lot smoother. 


fins, snorkel
Coach tips


To improve your body rotation, try to swim freestyle-pull with a pull buoy while keeping your toes together at all times. When your feet still tend to move, rotate the hips more along your longitudinal axis. This rotation will align your stroke and makes it smoother instantly.

More coach tips?

coach tips
Pre set 1 ROUND distance: 800
stroke pace rest
2 x 200M Mix Easy 20s
Warm up. Mix between strokes, kick and pull.
8 x 50M Drill Easy 20s
Odds: Body Roll (video). Evens: freestyle swim.
rest after round: 0s

Instructions On the even 50's, keep your fins and snorkel on, and focus on your body rotation.

Equipment Snorkel and fins

Main set 3 ROUNDS distance: 1200
stroke pace rest
4 x 100M Freestyle Steady 30s
see instruction

Instructions 1st round: freestyle swim. 2nd round: freestyle-pull. 3rd round: freestyle-kick.

Equipment Pull buoy and kick board