Warm up
Quick stretch, followed by pre-set.
Skills & drills Mobility Workout for Swimmers

Mobility workout for swimmers! 

All the computer and phone typing in modern society results in poor neural mobility. This set of mobilization helps restore motion in the nerves, reducing neurosensitivity and arm carrying position (shoulders rounded, etc.). In combination of this, it helps strengthen the back muscles and neck muscles, which are the result of swimmers’ posture.


Coach tips


Start your workout with some stretching! Stretching before any workout increases your flexibility, helps you control your muscle strength and increases your blood circulation to get you warmed up and ready to go. Time to get your stretch on ;-)

More coach tips?

coach tips
Pre set 4 ROUNDS distance: 160
stroke pace rest
1 x 20M Choice Easy 10s
20 seconds jumping jacks
1 x 20M Choice Easy 10s
20 seconds mountain climbers
rest after round: 0s

Instructions Tabata warm-up! 20 seconds jumping jacks, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds mountain climbers times 4!

Equipment None

Main set 4 ROUNDS distance: 120
stroke pace rest
1 x 10M Choice Easy 10s
1 x 8M Choice Easy 10s
Plank Leg-Lifts, 8 each side (16 total)
1 x 6M Choice Easy 10s
Jumping Lunges, 6 each side (12 total)
1 x 4M Choice Easy 10s
1 x 2M Choice Easy 10s
rest after round: 60s

Instructions Full-body dryland workout! Don't need any equipment. Take little rest between each exercise to get your heart rate up.

Equipment None

Post set 1 ROUND distance: 1
stroke pace rest
1 x 1M Choice Easy 10s

Instructions SQUAT AFTER BURNER! Put this song on, and get ready to feel the burn. Bring Sally Up = stand up. Bring Sally Down = Squat! Find an example here.

Equipment None