You don’t need a physical swim coach to improve your swimming. At SWIMGYM.COM we have created a 10-week online program where you can learn to swim freestyle the fast and easy way. Follow our step-by-step ‘Freestyle Basics Course’ and learn how to breathe, streamline and swim efficiently. 

About the course
The Freestyle Basics Course is for swimmers and triathletes of all levels and is included in your online subscription at SWIMGYM.COM. The program will help you to improve the freestyle basics by breaking down different elements of the technique. Only this way you are able to learn or improve you freestyle the fast and easy way. You start by learning how to breathe and how to position yourself in the water without causing resistance. You then learn how to perfect your arm stroke and kick and you will end the course with exercises that will improve your stroke timing and efficiency.  

What to expect
During our 10-week course you will learn all the basic elements of the freestyle technique. Every week you follow two training programs, each consisting of a specific technique exercise, followed by a body conditioning workout. All our technique exercises are demonstrated in high quality instruction videos, so it is easy for you to practice in a pool near you. After you have signed up at SWIMGYM.COM you can select the course you want to follow and add it to your personal account. You are now ready to start training in your own time and tempo.

All our courses are included in your online subscription, starting at just €6,99 a month.


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