Swimming blog - CATCH FISHERMAN

Have you spent a lot of time outdoors in the open water, swimming and/or fishing? If you have been fishing, we hope that you got the catch that you wanted.

The catch can literally slip away from you in the water and so we have to be careful and patient when initiating the catch as any good fisherman would know. Patience is a virtue as they say in the classics and the key to a good catch.

The catch starts after hand entry. The hand entry has its importance since this is setting us up for a good catch. Do not underestimate how important it is to enter the water with the fingertips and not letting the elbow drop in the water after entry.  Keep the fingertips straight or pointing slightly downwards after entry. Certainly, don’t let the fingertips or hand move up towards the water surface, otherwise you will be pushing against the water and saying stop with your hand. This is a very difficult position to initiate the catch from. Bend your wrist slightly to get the hand to start dropping in the water. Resist the need to grab and push the water at this stage. Here is the moment of patience. Your patience will be rewarded in swimming heaven, we promise.   

Once the hand is dropping, the elbow bends to assist in this movement, but your elbow stays still in front of the shoulder. Yes, we know, this seems impossible, but it requires lots practise and good feedback, both of which you can get from SwimGym. The hinge drill is perfect for this. Once the hand has dropped and facing backwards, the catch is finished. 
The catch may be quicker and a little deeper for triathletes and open water swimmers as swimming in open water conditions are not as calm. Make sure you pack patience with your swimming gear and dream about catching all those molecules of water for the great push to come. 


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