SwimGym wants to inspire you to become the best swimmer you can be. Last week we launched SWIMGYM.COM, our online coaching platform where you can learn how to improve your swimming, wherever you are. Now you can ‘train like a pro’ in any pool in the world. Read more and find out how to improve yourself in just 10 weeks.

Since opening the SwimGym pool in Amsterdam in 2017, we have successfully developed our own training method for swimmers and triathletes of all levels to learn or improve their swimming skills with our countless swimming exercises, technical programs and body conditioning workouts. At SWIMGYM.COM you can now find all our exercises and programs in more than 100 video tutorials and countless online training programs so you can train with us wherever you are. 

One of our key features is the 10-STEP FREESTYLE BASICS course, available for swimmers of all levels. In just 10 weeks you can now learn how to swim or perfect the freestyle technique, following a step-by-step program. Two times a week you get an instructional video with technique exercises you can practice yourself, followed by a body conditional program to become stronger. The course starts with learning how to breathe easily and ends with knowing how to swim freestyle more efficiently.

You are an experienced swimmer but you could use some guidance in becoming faster and stronger? Our goal specific workout collections and extensive database are perfect tools to boost your endurance and training motivation on a daily basis. Every workout can be scaled to your personal level so you can make it as challenging as you like.

Visit SWIMGYM.COM and explore all our features, such as the SwimGym Analyser where you can upload a video recording of your stroke and have it analysed by our coaches. Or check out our Triathlon Training Plans to improve your swimming in preparation of your next triathlon race. 

From now on you will receive this newsletter every week where we provide you with free coach tips, inspirational videos, body conditioning workouts, articles and more. Let’s dive deeper into the world of swimming together so you can learn how to improve your swimming step by step.

SwimGym is where YOU are.

Johan Kenkhuis
Founder of SwimGym 


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