With the start of the new year or season, make time for your swimming resolutions, promises or goals for the year. There is no better way to start than with legs, just to kick ... it … off!!! Stability, balance and a well-trained body are the benefits from training your kick.

While doing so, don’t forget that manners matter and pool etiquette is one of the things you must always remember, wherever you are.

So please exercise great pool manners like: 

1.    Give way to faster swimmers. There is no shame in it.  
2.    Judge the pace. Overtake during a lap only if you have the speed to be able to. 
3.    Never overtake at the end of the lane, this is dangerous as the other swimmer is turning and will not see you coming. 
4.    Use the foot tap technique to let a slower swimmer know that you are behind them and want to overtake them at the end of the lane. If the swimmer goes into the right-hand corner and its safe, you can overtake while turning in the middle (if this doesn’t work – talk to each other).
5.    Always finish in the right-hand corner of a lane, leaving the middle open for turns. 
6.    Determine the sequence of swimmers in your lane before beginning.
7.    When in doubt, use common sense by building awareness of the others around you, which will help create awareness for your swimming in general. 
8.    Swimming IS a team sport! You are a squad and squads are a family. 

Happy Swimming! 


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