We all bring our own story to the water. A story that helps or hinders our swimming efforts. Don’t forget that. A still head is where our story starts this week. Wherever the head goes, the body will follow. The head should be still, flat and relaxed on the water. It is still until we turn to breathe. This is called a neutral head position. If you were a car, neutral wouldn’t get you anywhere, but in swimming a neutral head position ensures your body remains flat on the water. This ensures a good body position.

This story continues with what we call, “stretching through the core.” What we mean by this is stretching your torso. Make the distance between your collar bone and your hips as great as possible. This stretching through the core increases your buoyancy and makes the body more rigid. This allows the body to move easier through the water. 

This story about our body position ends at the feet. Kick – but not too much. Keep your kick small. A deeper kick or a scissor kick is only resistance in the water. Your feet should stay behind the body, tucked in the slipstream and not exposed to the oncoming water. 

This story, of course, has a happy ending. Our body position will improve. Keep practicing and this will challenge us to stay relaxed and straight in the water and swim our own stories to completion. 


Posture, line and balance are important components of your body positioning. Posture is all about swimming proud, staying tall with a long neck and keeping your chest open and your shoulder blades pulled towards each other. 

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