Welcome to 2020! We hope you had a good slide into it. An Olympic year, a leap year. Swimmers and Olympic triathletes have been working hard for four years to this very point. Will their hard work bring gold or tears? There is such a fine line between the two and we applaud all the athletes for their dedication and sacrifices. So, what are your goals for 2020? It may not be the Olympics, but what then? We have put together our 20 most bold goals for 2020, some of them a little tongue-in-cheek, but a heck of a lot of fun.

1. Swim 100 butterfly 
Not as easy as it seems. 100 freestyle will not be a problem, but you will have to train and prepare for a challenging 100 butterfly. It is a tough, little distance but will squarely put you in the ranks of the pro’s once you have ticked this baby off your list. We have a great butterfly video course to get you started.
2. Benchmark your speed
How fast can you go? Motivation to train won’t get better than this. When we know how fast we swim, we will want to know how much faster we CAN swim! Do our benchmark workout called 'The Popov': 100 and 50 for time, with a 15 minute rest in between. 

3. Swim from Asia to Europe 
The Bosphurus swim is an epic intercontinental open water swim of 6.5 kilometers should be a goal for all fans of open water swimming (if not on your wish list). The great atmosphere and views, helpful current and swimming between Asia and Europe makes it one of the must iconic open water swims in Europe.

4. Race your first triathlon 
Do it. Don’t hesitate. Anything is possible. Start small with a sprint. Just register. It’s tons of fun. 

5. Enter a Master swimming competition 
Want to see how fast you swim compared to other swimmers in your age group? Or go back to the good old times when you were competing, remember how exciting it was? Master swim meets are a great way to keep track of your progression. Contact your local swimming club for more information or join the SwimGym competition team in Amsterdam. 

6. Learn how to breathe bilaterally 
This may not seem like a goal or a worthy goal, but believe me, for those who breathe only to one side, learning to breathe to both sides is going to be hard but worthwhile. You will balance your stroke, swim more efficiently and look even more like a pro. 

7. Learn how to flipturn 
Many age-groupers find this a waste of time. Why can’t you keep up with the 13yr old at your pool? Because they are flipturning, learning breath control and tightening their core muscles. Need we say more? You can start flipping in no-time with our flipturn course

8. Watch the Olympics 2020 in Japan
Watch every moment. Soak it in. Get inspired. Pick a favourite or cheer for the underdog. Check out the absolute greats like Katie Ledecky, Caeleb Dressel, Katinka Hosszu and Adam Peaty, but don't forget to go outside with Ferry Weertman and Sharon van Rouwendaal defending their open water titles. And will we see another iconic triathlon finish like these

9. Be an Olympic insider
Know enough about swimming to comment on the Olympics. Our resources at www.swimgym.com don’t only make you swim faster, but they provide you with professional insights to comment on yours, or someone else's, swimming technique. See what you can spot at the Olympics. 

10. Start wearing speedo's like a pro 
Get rid of all the excess fabric and wear a brief speedo like Michael Phelps (or any other top level swimmer)

11.   Learn to pace yourself 
Learn to swim slow in first 100 of a 10x100 swim set. Suprisingly, this could be the hardest goal of 2020. Starting easy without going off too fast in a 10x100 takes real skill and control. Reach this goal and you are halfway to swimming heaven.

12. Swim 1500 under 30 minutes 
It's the ultimate benchmark. The 1500 is a challenging distance. To be able to swim it fast requires great pacing, tactics and experience. Don’t just do it once. Do it once a month or once a quarter and see your confidence skyrocket. 

13. Swim with your eyes closed for a 50 
Just to check how straight you swim. People tell us all the time that they swim straight. Now you can check it objectively. Please make sure that you have discussed this goal with the other swimmers in your lane to avoid unfortunate accidents. 

14. Enter a full distance IRONMAN 
It’s the ultimate challenge for your body and mind. On top of that, it’s a great goal to keep you motivated all season. Train smart with our IRONMAN training plans. Who doesn’t want to call themselves an IRONMAN?

15. Swim in open water
Swim in open water for real and not just on vacation. Swim responsibly with a visible swim buoy and always take a swim buddy with you. Go out into the open water and swim for real. No lane lines, no clock. Just you and the elements of nature as one.

16. Tell your friends you train like a pro 
Don’t be shy, you should be proud to call yourself a swimmer. Because swimming is a real sport, not just a summer hobby. If they don’t believe you, ask them to benchmark a 100 meter for time with you!

17. Swim outside all year round 
This could be the easiest and cheapest, yet mentally the toughest challenge. It will be life changing. It doesn’t have to be hours, 10 minutes is enough. With our without a wetsuit, it's up to you. Will you take on this challenge?

18. Have your technique analysed on video 
Use the SwimGym Analyser at least once to pimp your swim. Nothing tells the truth in swimming like video feedback. So, get going with making those videos and upload them to SwimGym.com. Let our professionals give you the low down on your swimming and provide you with a plan to improve your swimming.

19. Swim for 3 hours non-stop 
Why not? See how far you can swim in 3 hours. Do it with some friends. Make it your own personal long-distance swim goal. How far can you go? 6, 8, 10 or 15 kilometers?  

20. Swim 200 butterfly 
See number 1 and well, maybe leave this one for next year. ;-)


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